Invitations; The Correct Type For The Occasion

Invitations are a way of how someone would show their gratitude and importance to have you there, while they celebrate a milestone or some kind of achievement. An invite is considered as the initial announcement of the occasion, and there are several kinds of invitation cards that are used appropriately for separate occasions, given below are some types with the relevant occasions followed with each explanation;

Open faced invitations

Flat invitations are those invites which do not often come with envelopes and unlike email invitations, these can be placed on the refrigerator due to its nature in design. This type of invitation is designed in a very precise, brief manner, and the atmosphere of the occasion can be identified through the designs on the margin.This type of invitation is used for a child’s birthday, family gatherings, or a graduation party, as they are casual functions.

Fold up Invitations

This is a kind of invitation that does not require the use of an envelope as it comes as an all-in-one function of an envelope, response card and the main details of the occasion. When celebrating a milestone, there would be a need for a style that would fit 60th birthday invitations, as it would reflect elegance and class. Fold up invitations are made in a way where the RSVP section can be torn away and kept aside, instead of attaching it as a separate card. All in one invitations of this sort is used for occasions such as fundraising events or weddings with reception.

Folded invitations

These are invites which require the use of an envelope to seal the invitation which contains details on the event, venue, timings, attire, RSVP method and other information with ample space to place them. This type of invitation is considered slightly more elegant as it seals the invite inside an envelope, which depicts a sense of importance when compared to the types of cards. Folded invitations are often used for weddings, milestone achievements parties, and to honor a person for something.As previously stated, invitations are considered to be the first announcement of the occasion to the invitees, it is meant to give the guest a clear cut idea on the type of occasion they are requested to attend. Invitations are meant to give accurate details on the venue, time, attire and the atmosphere of the function beforehand.Therefore, choosing the correct style for an invitation is a rather important decision when planning for a party, which needs to be done in the most appropriate of manners.