Role Of Obstetrician

For any woman, pregnancy is one of the toughest times in their life, especially when it is their first pregnancy as there is the fear of the unknown. There are so many questions, fear of giving birth and change in the self, that usually women get scared. This is the time when an Obstetrician walks in and helps you to cope with the pregnancy. Usually, the role of Obstetrician and gynaecologist is somehow overlapped but Obstetrician delivers babies while gynaecologist does not. But the role of the Obstetrician is not limited to delivering the baby, they have their supervision throughout the pregnancy. Usually, when you are delivering the baby in a public hospital without any complication, then there won’t be a need for an Obstetrician. The Obstetrician usually steps in case of emergency or complications during pregnancy. Privatehospitals have Obstetricians on the call. Most Obstetrician works privately as they have their dedicated patients. Like if you are going to Westmeadhospital, the Westmead will have a privateObstetrician on their panel to deal with their patients.

We will be outlining the role of an Obstetrician during and the pregnancy that helps the woman to deliver the baby safely.

During the pregnancy:

The toughest part can be getting ready for the pregnancy. As there will be a lot of physiological changes in the body, that sometimes it becomes overwhelming for the woman to handle. The Obstetrician will share tips to cope with all these changes. The privatehospital obsecration can be engaged at the start of the pregnancy to supervise it for the next 7-8 months. You have to visit the Obstetrician after regular intervals unless there is any unusual need. The Obstetrician will design the diet plan and will suggest the activities that will help to keep you healthy, also positive during the pregnancy. They will not only educate woman but their partner or dad-to-be about pregnancy and information of labour, this can help both to be mentally prepared in advance. The private obstetrician in sydney will keep a check on the health condition and growth of the baby, plus they will provide help in coping with morning sickness, muscle ache and other physical problems that come with pregnancy.

After Pregnancy:

In case of any complications, where the Obstetrician feels that now birth will not be possible by natural means. They will take charge and supervise the delivery of the child. Usually, the patient is handled by midwives or nurses but an Obstetrician supervises the complete procedure. After the delivery, they will have a complete medical check-up of mother and child, also give the time for follow up check-up after 4-6 weeks. The Obstetrician will share the tips that can help them to cope up with the health challenges that can be faced after the pregnancy.For more information please visit